Layering Paper & Decoupage

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper cutouts onto it and then covering it with several coats of varnish or lacquer to create a smooth and glossy finish. The word “decoupage” comes from the French word “d├ęcouper,” which means “to cut out.”

In decoupage, various materials can be used, such as paper, fabric, or even photos, and they are arranged in a design and then adhered to a surface, often a wooden or ceramic object. The surface is then coated with a glue or adhesive and finished with a clear varnish or lacquer to protect the design and create a glossy finish.

Decoupage can be used to decorate a variety of objects, such as boxes, frames, trays, furniture, and more. It is a popular crafting technique and can be done using a variety of styles and materials, making it a versatile and creative art form.

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