Crafters are always looking for new ideas, inspiration and techniques.

Hi I’m Insiyah

Years ago I ran across a book, “The Crafter’s Recipe Book”. From day one, I had planned on going through this book and delving into the many techniques. But, as so often happens we get pulled toward what we think is more pressing work.

In these many years, I’ve started a few businesses, where crafting and some closely related activity was involved. However, nothing quite hit the mark of self satisfaction. So, as I move on in life this is my time to finally knock this off my bucket list.

I’m off on my journey and if you take the time to read my experiments and comment, I would be extremely grateful.

I’m giving a special thanks to “The Crafter’s Recipe Book” by Jessica Wrobel and the pull it’s had on me for the last 20 odd years!